Meeting the Needs of Families:

a Community of Practice

Coordinating culturally responsive practice in education and health using a community of practice to rejuvenate culture, environment and climate for our children.

Toxic Stress Effects on Health, Executive Function & Self-Regulation

Self-Care, Reflective Practice & a Community of Practice

Happy Teacher Revolution

Social-Emotional Competence Starts at the Head of the Class

Roger Weissberg, the chief knowledge officer of CASEL, said many of the districts he has worked with "started with [social-emotional] programming for kids and then backed up and said, 'You know, if we did it all over again, we'd focus on the social-emotional competence of adults first.'"

Culturally Responsive Practice with Family & Community Engagement

Creating Safe Environments for Children & Families, Teaching Problem Solving & Focus on Success

Platform for Support

Connection to Practitioners


Direction for Future

Dawson Community College

Dawson County Best Beginnings Community Council

Montana Comprehensive System of Personnel Development Region 1

Montana Head Start Association